How To: Bake (The Simple Way)

Ever since getting into the glam side of makeup (gone are the days of  doing the natural look these dayz) I've been looking for simple and lazy ways to bake without forking the dollars for expensive translucent powders . Except I still want that Laura Mercier one ;(.

I attended IMATS 2016 Sydney event recently and a stall was selling the RMCA No-Colour Powder. Ma girls and I hit the store like it was the last day on earth. We all knew this powder was holy grail on the streets of Youtube beauty royalty . It was selling for $20 and I thought to myself....YASSSS.

Now this stuff can be messy to use so I suggest getting the back of an old palette you don't use as a little tray for the powder to go on and then with a wet beauty blender, pick the powder up and set under the eyes (press the powder onto the skin, don't swipe), under the contour areas and any other areas you'd like to look flawless.

I like to bake for only about 4-5 mins. I don't bake for too long because I have dry skin it can appear cakey and really dry.

Practice makes perfect for this popular technique!

The RMCA No-Colour Powder really has no flashback and it really makes your makeup look super flawless (I'd even go as far as saying it is Kardashian flawless).

Do you have any great tips to share when it comes to baking?

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