Tips for Awesome NYE Makeup

nye makeupI honestly can't believe its the end of the year already! I've achieved and done so many things. The year has definitely been up and down, but none the less, it actually has been the best year of my life. I'm pretty sure the next few years and the rest of my life will be great too. Today we share some tips to get awesome NYE makeup :) 

  • Try to keep it simple. 

The best thing to do is not to give yourself too much trouble and keep the look really simple. You can do so much by emphasising the eyes and keeping the rest of the face really simple

  • Go for sparkly eyes

You want to bring in the new year with positive vibes and happy feelings. What better way to do this then wear something out of your comfort zone. Take those glitters and metallic eyeshadows out and show your eyes some love!

  • Set everything well 

I like to use no colour translucent powder under the eyes to set my under eye concealer and a nice glowing finishing powder for the rest of the face. Really important tip since you want the makeup to last all day

  • Prepare the night before

Tonight is the night (literally)! Shave them legs, do that face mask and plunk them brows. Make sure your nails are clean and polished too ! I love making myself feel like I've done all these things so I can ring in the new year all brand new :)


Don't forget its how you feel not how you look :) 

Do you have any tips for awesome NYE makeup? Share below :)

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