Your Summer Beauty Body

summer beauty bodyIts summer season yay! Now we start regularly shaving the legs, tanning our bodies and letting the hair down. Here's some tips to maintain a consistent summer beauty body:

1. Exfoliate yo bodey

I've always been lazy when it comes to exfoliating the body (even my face!). It's a good habit to adopt because it gets rid of any dry skin and dead cells lurking around. Afterwards you are left with a silky smooth body!

One exfoliating product that I've started using is by Frank BodyIt's just the original coffee scrub and it smells amazing! With ingredients like Almond Oil, Sea Salt and Vitamin E Oil it really helps keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

2. Fake it.

I can't tan easily these days ;(! Honestly I'd have to go to the beach multiple times in a week to achieve a brown look without getting burnt. So how I like to keep nice and brown is fake tanning. Fake tanning was such a foreign concept to me only recently.

I use tanning mouses because I find the product is streak free and the colour develops more naturally. Two products that I like to switch between is the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam and the Selfie Tan n' GoI'd recommend using a tanning mitt for this too !

3. Protect the skin

I've also started adopting using sunscreen once a day into my skincare routine every morning as a way to help protect the skin on the face. I've recently had a skin consultation where they've anaylsed the skin damaged to my face. At this point it's not that bad but I could prevent any further damage by using sunscreen daily.

One that I've really liked trying out is the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen 50+. I grabbed a sample and I love how hydrating this is for the skin. It has a slight tint to it but it is hardly noticeable.

For the body I like to use a sunscreen that you can spray on for convienence such as the Nivea Sun Ultra Beach SPF 50+.

What are your tips for a really good summer beauty body ?

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