2 Products I Can't Live Without

brow-wiz-stila I had the most unsettling thought in my head on the way to work the other day. What if you were only allowed to use 2 beauty products at any one time! : O, I gasped! What would I only have, as my 2 products? Which obviously led to a great blog post idea....

I'm always about my eyes and lips when it comes to makeup. I love the shape and size of my natural lips and I always aim to enhance my eyes. So here are the two products that I use and that I can't live without;

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony

This is my holy grail eyebrow product of all time. I used to use quite a lot of drugstore eyebrow products and they would always be too dark or not last all day. The Anastasia brow products have always been hyped for the quality that they are known for. When I herd that Sephora opened up in Sydney all that time ago and that Anastasia brow products were being stocked, I was quite curious to find out if they were any good. I'm sure I've talked about this product and I'm sure you beauty lovers know how great this product is too. The best thing about this product is how light the colour applies and the small nib.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

These days I'll be rocking a winged liner every moment I can help it! I feel super naked it without it. This liquid eyeliner is bomb as, and I've tried quite a lot of different liquid eye liners. I recently went back to the Stila one after using the Maybelline and Kat Von D eye liner pens. Honestly this pen is super easy to use. Obviously with practice you will perfect the wing but for any beginners out there, I feel this pen is really easy to use! The tip is super fine which means you can get in the inner corners with precision.


What are the 2 most loved products that you can't live without?

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