How To: No Makeup, Makeup Look

mac, ysl, makeup, brows, no makeup Lately I've been leaning towards not wearing any makeup at all. It's just an opportunity for my skin to breathe.

I live with psoriasis every single day and lately its been acting up! So skincare is my number one priority and I've been focusing on letting my skin heal too.

Thought I'd share some tips on how to achieve a great "no makeup" makeup look;

1) Start with skincare

Skincare is super super important. One day I'd love to just leave the house with only brows and lashes and have awesome clear skin.

Gone are the days that I would cleanse and moisturise. These days my skincare routine can consists of anywhere from 4-6 steps (started from the bottom, now were here boi).

If you're not too quite sure what to use on your skin, perhaps get a skin consultation at a great skin clinic (the sessions do charge at least $50 min.) however they tell you what your skin needs. They will go down to specifics of ingredients and you can definitely find these ingredients in drugstore or high store skin products without having to pay for their own 'clinical' products.

2) Using concealer where you need it

I always use concealer just to cover those blemishes and any redness. Using a sponge to cover these area on the face will ensure a natural look and not making it too cakey. If you have freckles you should let those shine through ;)

3) Brows and lashes

If I leave the house with no makeup, I always do my brows and wear mascara. It just brings out the eyes and having your brows groomed never hurt nobody. Besides you will look nice and groomed.

What are tips for a great "no makeup" makeup look?


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