My Haircare Routine // How I Maintain My Blonde Balayage

fudge blonde hairI've officially had blonde balayage hair for over a year now! I honestly have never been able to hold bleached or coloured hair for that long ever! Let me tell you something. My hair is so black that it takes a good whole day to lift the colour and to get it where I want it to be. On top of that maintaining the blonde is a challenge itself. Due to how dark my hair is, the blonde itself can go quite brassy or a yucky yellow, if not looked after properly.

Thought I'd write about how I keep up with my colour hair for those curious or you have the same struggles as I have :)

a) Purple shampoo and toner is ya best friend gurl.

Honestly this is the number one product that you will need to use every time you wash your hair. To maintain your blonde you need to keep it up with purple shampoo. It helps with toning the blonde and keeping it top notch.

There are quite a number of purple or silver shampoos (you can use either, both the same thing) on the market. I personally use Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo + Conditioner. It's the strongest one in terms of purple colour (and toner) on the drugstore market. I've been using it for almost 6 months and it's really truly the only thing that keeps the blonde from looking that yucky yellow!

b) Keeping a low setting on heating products

I'm a straightening whore and curling whore. I honestly wish my hair dried dead straight...but ah well. You gotta keep a low setting on those heating styling tools because this can contribute to the fading of your hair colour.

c) Treatments at least once a week

Look I'm quite lazy when it comes to this rule but it's gotta be done. When I got my hair done I was given Olaplex step3 to take home. You're suppose to put this into damp hair BEFORE shampoo and conditioner. What I like to do (and I got this tip from Kim K ;)) is to sleep in the treatment overnight and wash your hair in the morning. It really helps repair the hair cells and I find personally , it softens my hair.


Hopefully you found these tips helpful!! If you have any tips for any fellow coloured hair peeps, comment below ;)


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