Mothers Day 2016 with Aesop

mothersday2016 If you guys are running out of ideas to gift something for your mothers this year, I recommend something simple from Aesop. I know, I know Aesop is on the high end of the dollar spectrum. But hear me out!

Your mother has probably done a lot of things for you over the years from taking you to and from school to cooking dinner to heaps of other things that mothers do. It's really only right to treat them to something that smells amazing and feels nice in terms of beauty products. I'm not going to go too soppy with this post because after all, this is a beauty blog  ;)

Going to Aesop feels like going to a day spa. Its super relaxing and they give you tea (ahmazing). I entered my local Aesop store which is in Chatswood, Sydney and I really pretty much said "Mother's Day pressies" and the lovely sales assistant just knew what I was looking for. I was after body stuff, only because with my mums skin I'm not quite familiar with her skin type, and who doesn't love body products?

I actually settled on the Cepheus Body Kit. ( I would've actually taken a photo of the photos, but its all wrapped up...quite frankly I'm sh*t at wrapping gifts!) So I'll show you a media photo..



The gift box set comes with its amazing Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Geranium Leaf Body Balm and Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. Smells amazing and it's something really nice for your mum to enjoy when she wants to pamper herself!

They have other gift sets that are really nice too! I'd definitely check them out.

I may be doing a post on some of my favourite Aesop products soon.. who knows :) Btw this post ain't sponsored if you were wondering!

What will you be gifting your mother this Mothers Day?

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