Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

toofacedsemisweet I love eye makeup and I love it just as much as lipsticks. People love contouring, I love lipstick and I love eyeshadow.

In today's post I bring you a review on a little gem which is the Too Faced Semi Chocolate Bar PaletteLet's just cut the chit chat and get stuck into the review shall we?


It comes in a metal case with a small sized mirror. There is also a metal clamp that closes the palette. I like how it isn't too thin or too thick . I like how the top of the palette is in a design of a chocolate bar (hangry..) which makes it really fun to have on your vanity.


Product amount is defiantly decent. To be honest its probably just standard. However the shades 'Coconut Creme' and 'Butter Pecan' may seem like it offers more product than the other shades but I feel like its still the standard of how much is actually in the pot.

The shades are so buttery to apply with. As I swatched with my fingers at Mecca, I noticed they were so smooth and buttery, which is good for application. In terms of pigment, its a hit and miss for some.

Every time I want a colour to pop or have that 'foiled' look, I always use MAC's Fix + to emphasise the pigment. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that even if the shadows were not that pigmented, I'll always use a medium (like Fix +) to help with that.

There is a good combination of matte and shimmery colours which is great! My favourites are Frosting, Truffle and Coconut Creme.


You can purchase the palette at any Mecca Maxima store. At a price point of $78, its definitely on the more pricey range, however I love the quality of the shadows and the colours. So to me this is worth every single penny and I do like my eye makeup, so with these sorts of products, I go generous on myself.


What do you guys think of the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette? Have you tried it?

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