How to: Winged Liner

winged-liner I'm having a real huge eyeliner moment. I can't go a week without wearing a winged eye. It really has become my signature look. If you notice in most of my #fotd, I always have some sort of variation of a winged eye to finish my look. Today I share some tips on how I do my own winged liner. I know a lot of us gals have different eye shapes, so bare in mind it takes A LOT OF PRACTICE..and I mean heapppsss. You have to dedicate yourself and gives yourself heaps of patience to perfect it.

As you all know I have monolids so doing this is quite challenging for me. But you will get the hang of it. If I can do it , you can :)

Tips and tricks:

#1 Use liquid eyeliner that is thin and has a brush/felt tip. My favourites are Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, both in black of course.

#2 Start by lining in the middle of the eye. Draw thin lines, don't go too thick, less is more. That way you can build up the look.

#3 Use the tail end of your eyebrow to mark where the angle and the end of your wing should be --> this is probably the only tip that has really helped make them similar on both eyes

#4 If need be, you should try drawing it on with a pencil or even using a light eyeshadow colour to draw the wing. After you can draw over with liquid eyeliner.

#5 Have cotton buds and eye makeup remover handy. Every single time I do my winged liner, I always have this one hand, I never actually do it one go! You're only human, so its completely normal to not get it on the first go.


Have you got any of your own tips to perfect the winged look?

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