All About The Importance of Hand Cream

hand cream jurlique mecca I've always been anal about moisturising my skin. I hate dry skin, and I hate the look of it as well. This certain habit was actually, quite surprisingly been instilled on me as a young child from my Dad (of all people)!

My Dad was going undergoing treatment for Psoriasis, which is something I have as well but just on my scalp. He was quite concerned that my older brother and I would develop this (since it can be genetic) and then encouraged us to really start taking care of our skin. I started moisturising my body twice a day, and I've never looked back.

Every day, we use our hands. We wash them, write with them, type with them, text with them and do

I feel like it's only right to give them some love and treating them with some awesome hand cream. I tend to use two different brands, and they're on constant rotation.

In fact one fits conveniently in my handbag and the other is something I use whilst I'm home.

Mecca Cosmetica 'Hands on Transforming Hand Cream'

This hand cream is life! One of my work friends at hand this out on her desk (did you like the pun?) and my curiosity took the better of me. I needed to ask and tried the hand! The smell is amazing and my hands have never felt so soft! In the formula of the hand cream is the Mecca Elixir Luxury Oil, which is where the smell and the nourishment of the cream comes from. What I admire about this particular hand cream is that they don't test on animals. You can get this at any Mecca Store for $40.

Jurlique Rosewater Hand Cream (Travel size)

The Jurlique hand cream that I keep in my bag is the best companion when my hands are dry at work or when I'm out! It's in a convenient tube and it's made with all natural ingredients too! It has the best smell and I rarely use this more than two times during work. What I love about this product is the rosewater. I'm really loving beauty and skincare products that contain the smell of roses in it, I'm going through a bit of a phase :P.

Have you tried any of these hand creams before? What's your go to hand cream product?

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