Things I've Learnt Since 18 (Style Edition)

style edition Things I've Learnt Since 18 (Style Edition) // A couple of months back I did a Things I've Learned Since 18 (Beauty Edition) and everyone did a full on throwback in the comments section and shared some of their "oh wow" moments! Have a read here if you would like to read the beauty edition. Here I've shared my style tips that have evolved/changed since I was 18:

  1. Wear what you want, how you want it!
  2. Ironing makes a BIG difference
  3. Sometimes a white t-shirt and jeans combo is still a good and chic choice!
  4. Trends come and go, and sometimes come back, so always wear what you like if its trendy
  5. You can never have too many shoes!
  6. Dark brown and dark green together does no one any favours
  7. Too not purchase anything just because! Sleep on it and then decide (this doesn't really work all the time !)
  8. To dress for yourself!
  9. Buy classic styles to last the lifetime
  10. Continuing on with 9, quality over quantity


Writing this list makes me laugh at all the "OMG" fashion fails I've done, but if I lived my life again I would do it again, because then I'd never learn from my mistakes!

What are some of your style lessons you've learned over the years?

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