13 Ways to #treatyoself

Anyone fans of Parks and Recreation here?? Please stand up...because in today's post I'll be talking about different ways to #treatyoself

13 ways to treat yo self:

  1. book in a pamper sess at your local beauty salon or if you’re a baller the Sheraton
  2. Bake/Create your favourite dessert
  3. Go on a date with yourself
  4. Change your style (new hair , new clothing or new makeup look)
  5. Rent your favourite movie
  6. Eat at your favourite restaurant, that one you’ve been dying to try
  7. Order books of bookdepository.com (free international shipping #yassss)
  8. Draw a bath with your favourite bath bombs, oils and luxurious bath products
  9. Messina. Enough said.
  10. Digital free day, shut off all electronic devices
  11. If possible surround yourself with puppies or dogs
  12. A glass of wine ( I don’t really drink wine, but I’m sure you do :P)
  13. That cart full of ‘saved’ clothing items…go ahead, buy it all!

What are some ways that you do to treat your self?

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Image source: Pinterest