Sephora Sheet Masks // A Review

sephora masks 3 Sheet masks have been around for quite some time now. Asian skincare enthusiasts developed this amazing idea of sheet masks for the convenience and also benefiting effects sheet masks offer for your skin!

I've tried sheet masks before and some were quite disappointing. In my last trip to Sephora I noticed they had an entire stand dedicated to their sheet masks so I though I'd buy two and an eye sheet masks to try them out!

Lingzhi Eye Mask - Anti-aging & smoothing

I found this particular one pretty clever for its shape. It fits perfectly under my eye area, however the scent of this one didn't quite sit well with me. It was quite a hot day when I tried this one out so I decided to put it in the freezer for 5-10 mins before popping it on for a cooling effect. It actually became a little frozen....woops! I might not repurchase this one and try a different eye mask that they have.

Enriched with Lingzhi extract, which by the way is a mushroom for some of us that don't know what it is..(had to google that one) :

  • helps with minimising the signs of aging near the eye area
  • replums the skin, making the eye area more smoother
  • gives a more youthful look

Lotus Mask - Hydrating & Soothing

This one was the first mask I tried and it was perfect for the time I used it! I was suffering from a lot of flakiness and dryness from the inconsistency of our Sydney weather. I decided to try this out and see how I went. Firstly the fact the sheet is soaked in its essence kind of put me off...was I suppose to drain it out or put it straight on? I followed the instructions which advised to put the mask straight out of the packet which I did. Quite a weird feeling having all this solution on your skin but it was nice and relaxing once I got used to it. The scent was pleasant not so bad as the Lingzhi eye mask. The mask did leave my skin feeling plump and slightly hydrated. I may repurchase this one in the future.

With Lotus extract in the mask:

  • helps with hydrating the skin
  • soothes skin from any irritation or redness

Rose Mask - Ultra Hydrating & Brightening

These two words hydrating and brightening are really quite popular in Asian skincare. Asian men and women love to have bright skin because it gives the more appearance of youthful skin. I quite enjoyed this mask more than the Lotus mask. It smelled so lovely and was quite cooling on the skin too! After taking the mask off, my face felt very plump and smooth. This is one I'd repurchase again for sure.

Enriched with natural rose flower extract:

  • plumps skin with water from within to intensify moisture to the skin
  • boosts skin to reduce dullness
  • for hydrated, radiant and brighter skin

Have you guys tried the Sephora Sheet Masks before? Or are you a fan of sheet masks?

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