My Custom Eyeshadow Palette

customeeyeshadowpalette Hi babes! I'm here to share my new eyeshadow palette, that I've started putting together!

I've always loved eyeshadow. I'm a HUGE fan, I just never get to wear it out often as I'd like too! I have a few palettes that I've already owned, and I'd probably will eventually do a post about all the palettes I have but for now lets talk about my custom palette.

For four years I've been trying to start my MAC Eyeshadows collection. Some where lying around my room is a list of eyeshadows that I've gathered from beauty bloggers and Youtubers of their own favourite eyeshadows that I've been meaning to get! It wasn't until IMATS Sydney 2015 that I finally had the opportunity to buy the refills! (They were 20% I had too!)

I grabbed Sable and Naked Lunch (left to right of the circle eyeshadows)! Personally Sable is really my favourite colour out of the two I purchased. I actually asked for good ol' classic Satin Taupe but it was sold out unfortunately! The only con I have to say about the MAC Refills is that I wish that more product came with it, only because they appear so much smaller than I thought they were!

The square shaped eyeshadows are from Inglot! Inglot again is a brand that is highly praised from beauty bloggers and Youtubers! Quite frankly I'm so impressed I picked out some awesome colours. Even the Inglot girls at the stand said I picked awesome ones too! At $7 each I could not go I got 7 as you can see here! (You guys need to make sure you head to IMATS next year because its so worth the $55 entry!)

Here is the list of Inglot Shadows I got (from left all the way to the right side of my palette)

  • 337 - a matte milk chocolate
  • 423 - shimmery dark brown
  • 37 - shimmery cool toned brown
  • 428 - shimmery colbolt blue
  • 482 - shimmery purple
  • 43 - shimmery gold/bronze
  • 153 - shimmery light brown

I can't wait to get more! I'll have to find out where I put my MAC eyeshadows list to keep building them up, and with INGLOT I'll be back!

What do you guys think of my new custom eyeshadow palette, I've started building up? What are some of your favourite eyeshadow colours that you'd love to share with us?


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