How To: Classic Smokey Eye

smokeyeye1 I've always been a big fan of the black classic smokey eye! It's so beautiful and makes anyone look AH-mazing! It's also a sexy look to wear if you dare on a date or special occasion.

So I took a deep breath after watching Tina Yong's Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, got out my eye brushes and the right colour eyeshadows(that closely matched the tutorial below). I managed to watch the tutorial 2 times and then went for it...

You know what, it was easy and it was simple surprisingly! I even put lashes on....

Here's the result:



A few items used for this look:


If you liked these lashes click here to get them :) (not an affiliate link)smokeyeye3stila

Using Ebony to smoke the eye makeup from the Stila In the Light Palettesmokeyeye4sleek

Using the light silver shade and also the matte brown shade next to it for the look too, using the Sleek Oh So Special Palette 

If you guys want to follow the same tutorial as I did here it is! I'm a huge fan of Tina Yong recently because she makes everything super easy which is great for someone who can be a noob (i.e. me) sometimes with certain type of eye makeup looks!

Do you guys like a simple smokey eye?

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