weleda Weleda - I recently attended the Bloggers United Event in October and it was amazeballs! I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and some blogging friends that I've supported over the last three years since I've been part of the blogging community. We also got to meet some brands that had come along to talk to us about their products and that was great too, to network and try new products!

One of the brands that had come along was Weleda! I've got two of their products here to review, that I was able to be given to trial out! They're are known to only use all natural products and no chemicals are used in the making of them!

Weleda Skin Food

This is such a LIFE SAVER. I love the smell and the thickness of this balm/cream. I remember watching a video off Youtube from Rachel Talbott talking about this and how she uses this all over her body for anything that is dry or rough. The weather here in Sydney has been so awful, one day it will be super hot and the next super cold. My skin takes a major toll. So using this product really helps with those skin issues that I experience during the spring season.

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream

This hand cream doesn't have a strong scent which is good for those who have sensitive skin! My face is sensitive but the rest of my body isn't. I can really appreciate this product not being too thin but not too thick to apply it to my hands. I only need to apply this once a day and my hands will be super soft and no so rough! Where was this product when I needed it during the last winter we just had?!


Have you used Weleda products before?

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*the products in this post were given to us at Bloggers United Event to try out for ourselves :) to read more about this click here for our disclaimer policy