Things I've Learned Since 18 (Beauty Edition)

beautylessons1 Things I've Learned Since 18 (Beauty Edition) // I'm not sure if you guys know this about me, but I wasn't a makeup maven until I was 18! That was 5 years ago! I was a late bloomer when it came to building my style and learning about makeup!

Sarah from More than Adored, recently posted about some blogging ideas and one of her suggestions was "Beauty Lessons Learned", I thought this was a great post to talk about and also do a small trip memory lane! That way I can reflect on how much I've changed through the years with my taste in makeup!

Here's 10 Beauty Lessons Learned that I've known since I was 18.

1. To never ever skip washing your face (especially after wearing makeup all day)

2. Less is more! More so when it comes to contouring!

3. Using colours opposite to your eye colour in the colour wheel makes your eyes pop!

4. Applying your eye cream twice a day and to massage the eye area in the morning to break up any congestion beneath the skin.

5. Lip liner is your best friend, if your lipstick tends to bleed out~

6. To match your foundation to your neck not your face

7. After applying under eye concealer, grab a tissue tap of the excess and using a wet sponge pat over the area, makes it less creasy and more natural finish

8. Don't use too much of anything black at the one time near the eyes...if you do the results resemble a panda

9. It's never too early to start using anti-ageing products (both makeup and skincare)

10. To invest in your skincare, because a clear, smooth surface is natural! Also easier to apply makeup :)


Share us your beauty lessons learned that you've learned below in the comments! 


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