Makeup Counter Makeover (PIC HEAVY)

makeover6 Makeup Counter Makeover - So I recently just cleaned all the junk out of my tall boy which is dedicated to all things beauty (makeup), hair and body products. I honestly don't have a big collection of makeup as compared to other makeup bloggers here! It looks a lot but really isn't! I did a big clean out before the creation of This Damsel Loves, hence looks kinda empty!

Anyway I was so sick of it not looking aesthetically pleasing as it could be so I dedicated one Saturday to really cleaning out all the unnecessary junk on this tallboy and headed to IKEA to buy some new stuff to spruce up the space.

Surprisingly I only bought two main items for the space because I already had the organising squares like these ones, that I've had for years now. So I bought a tray for my mirror, skincare and other things that I use on a daily basis so I can see them. For my makeup brushes I bought new holders for them. Here's the ones I used here and here. They're usually used for candles!

makeover1 makeover2 makeover3 makeover4 makeover5

What do you guys think? Have you recently done a small makeover, comment below with the link or tweet us @tdlblog!

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