IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream

itcostmeticscc IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream // This product is like magic in a small bottle! The IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream is a product that has totally been praised all over the digital beauty scene and for great reason too! Here are some of my thoughts on the product :) // The shade that I'm in is medium.

- It has SPF 50+ which is generally a major plus! I'm quite lazy with my SPF ( I know it's bad and I live in one of the most hottest places in the world when its our summer time!)

- Helps even out the skin tone. I tend to have uneven skin tone. When I want to wear 'no makeup' makeup this is the product I will go for!

- Build-able coverage yet still very lightweight on the skin!

-Comes in a tube form however has a pump which is good for hygienic reasons!

-Longevity //  I feel this product isn't all day makeup! I mean I don't expect any foundation, bb cream, tinted moisturiser or anything that is a base to literally last all day! We all have different skin tones and depending on what we do during the day, this ultimately would affect the longevity of your makeup. However, in regards to the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, I find that it still does stay put in certain areas of my skin, which I notice at the time of taking off my makeup, at the end of the day.

The only downside of the product that I'd have to critic would be the scent. At first I thought it was a pleasant scent when I was colour matched at my local Sephora store, however after using it on myself at home, I found the scent a little strange! The scent is something you can definitely surpass by and not worry to much about!

CC stands for Colour Correct, so if you are one that suffers from uneven skin tone, redness , spots etc or trouble skin this may be a great product to try. I have dry/combo skin so this didn't feel too heavy on my skin at all.

As you can see below on the right is my skin without the CC+ Cream, you can see I have a slight uneven skin tone and redness. On the right is my skin with the CC+ Cream, where it manages to even out the skin tone and combat the slight redness.


Have you guys tried this product out? Special thanks to @mxkstyle on Instagram for requesting this post to be made :)

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