Sidetable Beauty

beautyproductswside Hi beauties, its time for another one of my beauty posts! Everyone or mostly everyone, has a side-table that is filled with endless amounts of crap and beauty products... whether your a beauty lover or not! Let's have a peak at mine today...

OPI Cuticle Cream

Can't live without this stuff, its the only thing that saves my nails! I always try to do this before bed,so that the cuticle and my nails heal overnight.

Aesop Hand Cream

This is a must all year around, not just for the winter time! I'm obsessed with this stuff, still lasts me for the year, I will need to soon repurchase this product soon.

Carmex Lip Balm

I use to use pawpaw ointment but found that some formulas gave me a slight irritation so I just went back to what I knew works best for the lips and its definitely this cult pharmacy product.

Hair ties

My bob is growing out a little so I need to tie it back sometimes when I feel annoyed at it (you know how this one goes) . You always end losing them just like bobby pins so this is a must to keep a fresh pack on your bedside table!


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