Dior Masterclass with Harper and Harley

saraandi2 Hi beauties! I recently attended my first ever Dior Masterclass which was AH-MAZING! I was really nervous but so excited to the days leading up to it. I was nervous because, HELLO I was going to meet Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley and secondly, never been to a makeup class ever!

It costs $95 from what I remember, but its redeemable in Dior products. The class took place at the Westfield Suits at Bondi Westfield and everyone met at the Dior Boutique on Level 4 of the shopping mall. I met a few friendly girls, and it seemed like I was the one very few bloggers attending.

We were showered with champagne, some high tea nibbles and bikkies. #inheaven



The class went through extensive eye makeup techniques, skincare techniques and even talked about their new line of fragrances. (I've got more pics..click through to see more!)

diorclass9 diorclass7


The class firstly focused on skincare, and the importance of eye cream to take care of the skin around our eyes. Dior's very own skincare expert showed us a few techniques to help massage the eye area by pinching our eyebrows and doing a finger walking motion underneath our eyes to break up the toxins that build up there in the morning.

We then moved onto eye makeup...which let me tell you I do struggle a bit in that department but I've figured out a great technique for my own set of monolid eyes now. We got to play with their oh so famous 5 Couleurs Designer Palettes. The makeup artists encouraged us to play with colours that we wouldn't use from everyday so I decided to go with the navy palette, which is this one here. Dior's palettes are designed to make it easy for the everyday girl to do her eye makeup, suppose to be as described "paint-by-numbers" style of application, it comes with 4 different eyeshadow colours and then the 1 eyeliner colour too.

diorclass6 diorclass4

I also got to play with some of their kohl eye pencils and also try out their Dior Show Maximiser  (which is the primer used before mascara) and Dior Show MascaraI've been using the Dior Show Maximiser before bed too, to help the lashes grow.

And then finally the moment came...to meeting Sara! Total #fangirl moment had happened. She was so friendly and easy to talk too as well! I obviously got the opportunity to take a photo with her which was very exciting!