5 Beauty Tips That Will Save You

5beautytipsHi beauties, lately I've been thinking of some beauty tips that will help you all! I always love to read about beauty tips whether be from makeup application to beauty hacks! Here are some that I've figured for you guys, enjoy! 1. Use a matte brown shadow that is multi-purpose for brows, eyeshadow and contour.

This can save you a lot of time in the morning or perhaps save you some space in your makeup bag when travelling! I think a lot of beauties have shared this tip but this is one that I feel is a great hack to know!

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream can be used to shape brows, add highlight to your cheeks and also replenish lips

Now you don't need to use the Elizabeth Arden Cream per say, but you can use something similar that will give you the same multi-purpose functions! I carry this product in my handbag because you can never know when you will encounter a beauty emergency!

3. Spray hairspray onto your brow spooly to keep your brows neat and tidy!

I can't remember where I got this idea from but this one is a really good want too, if you have run out of your favourite brow gel!

4. Use a oil-based cleanser for paint brushes to wash your own makeup brushes

This will be a cheaper alternative than buying MAC Brush Cleaner (which I have purchased before, works beautifully) but you can also use baby shampoo as well!

5. Use a highlighter underneath your foundation to get that lit from within look

I do this a lot if my skin looks really dull! It really helps with not looking dead or sick :P


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