Innoxa's Skin Perfecting 5 in 1 Bronzing BB Creme


Gosh what a long titleeeee

I fell in love with this product back when I first discovered Ruby Golani. She did a Victoria's Secret makeup tutorial and used this product as a liquid contour. The way Ruby had used it in her makeup was gorgeous and she used it so well that it looked so natural and glowing to the skin.

It's winter here now in Australia and I really need that glow when it comes to winter skin tends to go oh so pale.

I'm not that into heavy contouring (Kim K style...) but I do like to contour a little just because I feel like that it keeps a bit of shape and definition to your face. I also like to have a bit of a glow to the skin too which this BB Bronzing Cream by Innoxa can give you.

Other benefits that the product can give you:

  • promote a natural sun kissed glow
  • restore skin luminosity
  • calms and soothes the skin
  • hydrates the skin

contour 1contour2

You can get this at your local Priceline drugstore. This product is recommend for those that have normal to dry skin types like myself :)

Have you tried this product? Or whats your favourite contour product?