How to Wind Down


After a hectic semester, I found myself struggling to wind down after a long day. However having said that, I've gotten into a bad habit of watching tv and being on my computer before going to bed which leaves my brain active during the few hours of sleep.

Here's a few tips and trick to wind down after a long day so that your brain is well rested for the next day:

  • enjoy a bath with candles
  • read a paperback book don't read it from a kindle (the LED lights keep your brain active before sleep)
  • relax with a face mask: some of my favourites are from Origins and Mario Badescu 
  • watch your favourite tv show: my current favourites include Sex and the City, Jane the Virgin and the Walking Dead (not really relaxing due to the high amount of zombies but this show is awesome!)

How do you wind down after a long day at work or study?