Dry brushing..does it help?


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After being solely a beauty blogger for more than a year, I constantly came across this trend of dry brushing! I mean it was quite niche but the trend was there! A lot of girls are quite conscious about dead skin cells and cellulite these days, and quite frankly at the ripe age of 21...i got a little on da thighs... so I'm thinking this has to be something to be reckoned with!

I headed to my local Priceline and found so many different instruments (dry brushes, loofas, brush on a stick etc etc) and was thinking to myself...I've had those exfoliating gloves before.. I just used them as gloves during the cold seasons...I never ever used them for exfoliating. Just the thought of wearing these whilst naked...#hmm

Got myself just a regular good ole' manual hand dry brush that it was quite big but compact for travel! The brush is by EcoPure, which I believe is sold exclusively at Priceline.

Things to know:

  • dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells and helps reduce cellulite by promoting blood circulation
  • should only be done either in the mornings or before your shower time
  • improves the texture of your skin and also muscle tone
  • be gentle not harsh
  • 3-5 mins of dry brushing should be swell!

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You can notice in my dry brush, it has rubber thingy things that help massage your skin too! #aplus