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Hi It’s nice to e-meet you

So the reason you’re here is because you’re curious about me and what this site is all about. It’s totally ok! It’s human to stalk…read on to find out more about me and the site :) Thanks for stopping by xx

Why I’m Blogging :)

I love to share. I’ve always loved sharing because it magnifies the experience and excitement of what I’ve bought, achieved or tried.

I love makeup. It’s universal. It’s a one size fits all. Anyone can wear it and anyone can use it. You don’t have to be a particular body size to wear makeup (not against fashion just a tbh). You can be any body and any gender to use it!

These are my probably my two favourites things in life. Sharing what I love with friends and family, and also everything that has to do with beauty (more so, makeup!).

I’ve been blogging since 2012. I’ve gone through many different names but it’s always been about makeup and beauty!

Today, you’ll find this blog is a space where I document my passions through being vulnerable and creating content with purpose.

noted beauty blog

Authenticity only lives here.

I cover topics from beauty and lifestyle, ranging from awesome beauty products to self-help gratitude practices that bring value to my life.


More about me:

It’s so nice to e-meet you, I’m Lisa. I’m currently in my late 20s and am working in the digital marketing industry. I’m a creative and I enjoy making videos, photography, podcasting and also trying my hand at graphic design (very entry level stuff!).

I love long walks along the water and spotting dogges in public. I enjoy eating ice cream for dinner but also like to spend time at the gym getting ma sweat on! On my days off I like to take my fitness outside and hike whenever I can!

I reside in Sydney, Australia and I can’t imagine living anywhere else (not being biased at all!).

If you’d like to get in touch with me about anything related to the content on my site please send letters to notedbeautyblog(at) and I’ll get back to you!

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Lisa xx