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 Noted Conversations

Noted Conversations is a fun podcast series that focuses on real life and everyday experiences. Think of this podcast as a d&m session that keeps on giving! The podcast series with help bring those aha moments and personal experiences that are super relatable to the women of today!

Each episode will be a dedicated topic of it’s own! Nothing is censored and nothing is off limits!

You can stream or download on Apple Podcast, Stitcher or Spotify. Or simply start listening below.


Day by day, she is moving beyond the borders of busyness and restlessness and stepping into the fullness of what it means to merely be, finding joy, peace, and rest right here in the ordinary
— Morgan Harper Nichols

30 Days of gratitude Challenge

On the 6th of January 2019, I started a 30 day gratitude challenge. With the new year in mind my focus this year is to put my mental health a priority. Practising gratitude has been proven to help with anxiety, improves mental strength, improve relationships and many other amazing benefits that can bring value to your life. I’ve been practising gratitude for almost 2 years daily and it has helped me cope with adversity multiple times. Follow my journey below to see what I’m grateful for each day.



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